Front of HomeSometimes old leaky old roofs have a way of hiding some bigger problems that may not be visible until the roof is removed. This is especially true when a roof has more than one layer of shingles. This house near Galena is the perfect example.

Once the shingles were removed we could see that the old plywood was very deteriorated. The deterioration was due to lack of ventilation and the builder did not install plywood clips between the rafters when they installed the sheeting. We had already informed the customer that there was a good possibility that we would find bad plywood so they were prepared for this potential problem.

Sheeting in progressUpon discovering the bad plywood we immediately informed the customer about the extent of the problem and removed the bad plywood. After picking up the new old plywood and clips we went to work putting the house back together.

We took pictures and sent them to the homeowner and they understood the work needed to be done so that the new roof would last. Once the sheeting was complete the new shingles were installed and the roof turned out great! The entire job was completed in one day and the homeowners were very happy with the new look!