About Us & How We Solve Problems

  • First of all, we concentrate our efforts on Ohio storms. We were born and raised in Central Ohio and we all have families in the surrounding areas.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured. We will take care of obtaining the proper permits for your repairs.
  • We work with local insurance companies and suppliers to get your home back into shape after a storm.
  • We have over 40yrs of experience in the construction industry. This allows us to put together an ironclad case for you to get the proper repairs from your insurance company.
  • We provide an excellent warranty and stand behind it. “Storm chasers” are usually from out of town and the warranty they provide is worthless once they leave town.
  • We are proud of our expertise in fabrication and installation of proper flashings around chimneys, dormers and walls. These areas are critical and where most roofing companies fail. We have found that, over the last 10yrs or so, that many homeowners have had to call us after a new roof because the flashing was done incorrectly. When the flashing and interior damage has been fixed homeowners realize that the “great deal” wasn’t so great after all.

Storms in Ohio

Ohio has had it’s share of storms over the last few years. Some of those storms have brought damaging wind and hail. One of the responsibility’s for homeowners is to check after each storm to see if there is any damage to their home. That can be easier said than done when it comes to your roof, gutters or anything not easily or safely accessible. We have found damage that occurred years before and homeowners were not aware of it. The worst part is that most insurance polices give the homeowner only a few years to make a claim. That is one reason why we are streamlining our efforts to make homeowners aware of damaging storms that have been hit in the area. You have probably seen commercials that have called certain roofing companies “storm chasers”, well we would like to separate our selves from that title right off the bat.

Choose Us

If you have storm damage the solution is pretty simple… give us a call at Buck I Roofing and Restoration. When we arrive we will determine the extent of the damage, install temporary repairs to prevent even more damage to your home. We will take care of the stress associated with getting your house back in order.