Roof and window leaks in Galena Ohio

When we are contacted by a homeowner with a leaking roof the problem is not always easy to find. We have also found that many homeowners have been dealing with leaks that have already been “repaired” by other roofing companies. The problem is some roofing companies only know roofing so they automatically focus on the […]

Winter Roofing Problems in Lewis Center OH

One of the common issues that homeowners face during Ohio’s winters is ice damming. This happens when ice along the edge of the roof melts and backs up under the shingles causing damage to the roof and rooms below this area. Besides water stains on your ceiling there are a few other signs to look […]

Roofing issues in Galena, Ohio

Sometimes old leaky old roofs have a way of hiding some bigger problems that may not be visible until the roof is removed. This is especially true when a roof has more than one layer of shingles. This house near Galena is the perfect example.

Once the shingles were removed we could see that the old […]